The Tarot is your personal horoscope for every day.

The tarot cards is a good way to look at your life.

This tarot card readings let you see your today events.

4 simple steps to get your tarot cards.

Reviewers Choice. Tarot for Android

1.Open Tarot application

2.Press the button “Begin”

3.Choose colors of your day

4.Read your card meanings

The first tarot card is about love and relations.

The second tarot card touches the most important events today.

The third tarot card tells about your career.

You receive only one collection of cards for one day.

Read meanings of tarot cards carefully.

Turn back to your tarot cards during the day.

Tarot maight help you find answers for your questions or advices for your life.


All our applications never need access to your personal data, contacs, SMS and calls. Tarot only need Internet Access.

Enjoy Tarot!

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