IChing reading Book of Changes

IChing reading Book of Changes

Download IChing reading Book of Changes App

Let the wisdom of the ancient Book of Changes enter your life.

Fortunetelling using the Book of Changes is a popular way to peer into the unknown that lies ahead.

Follow four simple steps to receive an answer to your question:

  1. Open application Fortunetelling I-Ching Book of Changes
  2. Focus on your question and click the «Go» button
  3. Select «Android» from the menu. If you trust your device – let it cast the coins.
  4. Read the meaning of hexagram

You can also choose to cast coins yourself.

Application Fortunetelling I-Ching Book of Changes can serve as a reference guide to the Book of Changes (I-Ching).Cast coins six times. After every turn report the combination to the I-Ching Book of Changes. Hexogram will be assembled automatically and you will be instantly presented with the meaning.


Refrain from asking the same question twice.Repeating the question results in lower accuracy of the reading.

Let the answers the Fortunetelling I-Ching Book of Changes gives you give you useful

guidance. Use them wisely. Wisdom of the East is one of the methods of achieving happiness. Happiness is not a goal; it is a journey.

Let happiness fill your life!

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